About the PerlageTM System
A 300-year old problem is finally solved. Champagne can now be enjoyed any time, in any amount--with no waste.
Under development for 15 years, the Perlage System is a revolutionary new patented technology for preserving opened bottles of sparkling wine. Properly used, open bottles of Champagne will keep for weeks or even months with no change in flavor profile or carbonation levels. It completely eliminates the waste associated with opened bottles going flat, enabling restaurants to expand their ­by-the-glass sparkling wine offerings without fear of waste, and allowing home consumers to enjoy a glass of Champagne on any occasion--or no occasion at all.
The Perlage System is available in two versions. The commercial version is designed specifically for restaurants and bars, and can be connected to their existing CO2 systems or use a dedicated standard refillable CO2 cylinder. The consumer version is ideal for home use, and uses disposable CO2 cartridges.
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