Perlage at Home
With Perlage, every day can be a celebration. Open any bottle any time and drink as much--or little--as you want.
The consumer version of the Perlage System is ideal for home use. The home version uses disposable, Champagne-certified CO2 cartridges, rather than refillable CO2 sources that would be inconvenient for most consumers to refill. The Perlage System allows home users to keep their Champagne fresh as the finest restaurants do with the commercial version.
The consumer version of Perlage contains one enclosure, one hand-held pressurizing unit, six Champagne-certified CO2 cartridges, a spare valve, and instructions. The cartridges will last for two to four bottles of Champagne, depending on usage. Cartridges can be reordered from Perlage Systems.
Perlage System home version