Custom Branding for Perlage

If you are an industry professional, Perlage Systems can custom-brand your Perlage enclosures with your own logo. This makes Perlage an excellent promotional tool for your portfolio, giving your brands extra visibility at the point of sale. This lets your by-the-glass customers know they are going to get the highest expression of your Champagne--because you use the Perlage System.

To order a custom-branded system or enclosure, order the item that you want from our store. Then come here, and choose the branded enclosure(s) you want from the Perlage Branding menu.

For example, let's say you want three Perlage Trade Kits branded with your logo. Put three Perlage Trade Kits in your shopping cart, then come here and order three brandings for the three shells. Choose your logo(s) from the dropdown, and add three logos to your shopping cart. You can also mix and match brands this way, ordering several units each with a different brand.

If you don't see your brand in the dropdown, it may not be in stock. In that case, contact us directly. Several types of highly durable branding are possible. All you have to do is provide us with your artwork, and we'll do the rest. Contact us for more information at

Custom Branding for Perlini

Perlini Cocktail Shakers can also be branded with your logos. All the same considerations outlined above apply. Choose your item, then choose the brand you want on the cocktail shaker. If you don't see your brand, contact us at

In-Stock Brands The Perlage Universal Enclosure can be purchased custom-logoed with your brand. We have dozens of brands...
In-Stock Brands The Perlini Cocktail Shaker can be purchased custom-logoed with your brand. We have some brands in stock; check the...
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