Here is a sampling of some of the nice things our customers have said about the Perlage System over the years, from before we were even on the market until now:


"Covid lockdowns forced us to close our doors in March, 2020. When we were finally able to reopen in August, I found a bottle of bubbly in the fridge that had been left in the Perlage System. It was still perfectly bubbly, five months later!"

—Karl Sexon
Virginia Inn, Seattle WA


“We began serving Krug by the glass at Canlis this season before the 2005 holiday season. What I thought would be a novelty sale of a glass here or there turned out to be a big winner … in three short weeks, we sold about 36 bottles by the glass, nearly ten times as much Krug as we might usually sell. I feel much more confident in my customer's perception of quality knowing bubbles will be there. Also, I don't have to take the time I would have with other stopper systems to track when the bottle was last opened, who opened it, etc., to ensure the proper level of carbonation. It simply doesn't enter my mind that the biggest perceived quality indicator in champagne, the elegant bubbles, might be absent--and that is a success story for Canlis and for Perlage.”

—Shayn Bjornholm, Wine Director
Canlis Restaurant, Seattle


“The Perlage System has a tremendous potential impact for the Champagne industry by enabling, for the first time, interesting and compelling by-the-glass programs in restaurants and bars. Successful by-the-glass programs are critical in developing consumer awareness and building brand loyalty, which are in turn central to building successful brands. I continue to be a believer and proponent.”

—Kurt Eckert
Former MHUSA Krug Brand Manager


“We have been using the Perlage System for over a year on all three of our glass pours. The Perlage System has lived up to its promise by completely eliminating the waste associated with selling sparkling wine by the glass. In fact, it works so well that we were recently emboldened to add a fourth at the high end. Most importantly, Perlage has allowed us to differentiate ourselves from our competitors by offering a broader range of brands. We are sold on the Perlage System.”

—Ethan Stowell
Founder & CEO, Ethan Stowell Restaurants


“The Perlage system has been a boon. We can now offer top-end Champagnes by the glass instead of just by the bottle!”

—Ron Zimmerman, Owner
The Herbfarm Restaurant, Woodinville, WA


“Wild Ginger was the first restaurant to be chosen by Perlage Systems to field test the product. We immediately put Perlage to the test during the holiday season, and began offering 1997 Louis Roederer Cristal by the glass. To our amazement, we started selling a significant volume almost immediately. If we had paid full retail price for the system, our return on investment would have been only about 12 days! Quite simply, the system works, and we are thrilled to have it.”

—Ole Thompson, Wine Director
Wild Ginger/The Triple Door, Seattle


“We get approached all the time by sales reps for high-end Champagnes who want us to sell their product by the glass. I tell them the same thing each time—we’d love to, but we can’t afford to throw away hundred-dollar wines each night. We are honored to have been involved with the field testing for the device and to give our input to help shape the final version of the product.”

—Rick Yoder, Owner
Wild Ginger/The Triple Door, Seattle


“The Perlage System will force the wine-making community to rethink what we thought we knew about carbonation in sparkling wines. According to what I was taught, repressurizing champagne should affect bubble size—but the Perlage System has no adverse affect. The industry needs this.”

—Forrest Tancer, Owner
Iron Horse Vineyards, Calif.


“We are Champagne lovers, and we would love to offer an extensive course of high-end Champagnes by the glass in our restaurant. Unfortunately, we cannot afford to do that, because of the inevitable waste. The Perlage System will finally allow us to do this. We were thrilled to have been selected as one of the first field testing sites for the system.”

—Ben Dougherty, Owner
Zig Zag Cafe, Seattle


“I thought about the Perlage System as I was throwing away half a bottle of Veuve Clicquot Gold Label last night in my restaurant. I want one as soon as they are available on the market!”

—Peter Lewis, Owner (2007)
Campagne, Seattle