FIZZIO Catering Division came to prominence during the Covid lockdowns of 2020, when restaurants were shut down across the country. In an effort to help support the restaurant industry in the face of this calamity, many state liquor control boards temporarily relaxed their liquor regulations, allowing restaurants and bars to sell premixed cocktails or cocktail kits for offsite consumption.

Perlage Systems Inc. jumped in to help. We opened our facilities to allow restauranteurs and bar owners to come onsite to produce private-label bottlings with a dedicated bank of FIZZIQ Carbonated Bottling Systems. For merchants not local to the Seattle area, we shipped machines offsite on a lend/lease basis to facilitate bottlings; and in many cases we sent a team out to do the bottling at the customer's location. In this way, we were able to help many restaurants survive through the tumultuous times.

Above: A sampling of the many spirits brands we've designed and catered bottled cocktails for.

We've worked extensively with Tanqueray, Drambuie, Cointreau, and many other spirits brands to create private-label bottlings for special events, such as Tales of the Cocktail, the Tanqueray Green Room series in over a dozen cities, Arizona Cocktail Week, the San Antonio Cocktail Classic, and many others. We've done hundreds of bottlings for such esteemed restaurants as Canon, Il Bistro, Frank's Oyster House, Spin, and many, many more.

Above: A sampling of the many restaurants and events we've designed and catered bottled cocktails for.

FIZZIO Catering knows how to throw a party. We've created custom bottled cocktails for some of the largest cocktail events in the world, including the opening night galas at such events as Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans. For that event, we bottled over 2000 carbonated cocktails, showing that we can handle even the largest events.

Above: Laara Garcia serving FIZZIQ carbonated cocktail at Block 41 event in Seattle, sponsored by Tesoro Tequila and broVo Amaro.

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FIZZIO Catering Photo Gallery

Here's a few more photos from the 2020 era, when Perlage Systems stepped up its bottled cocktail catering:

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