At the heart of the Perlage Systems' technology is carbon dioxide (CO2). When you open a bottle of Champagne, the sound you hear is carbon dioxide escaping. The Perlage System puts that CO2 back in the bottle, so the sparkling wine never "knows" it's been opened. 

When you sip a carbonated drink, the bubbles you see and feel are from dissolved carbon dioxide--that's what gives the drink its fizz. The Perlini System can infuse any liquid with CO2, bringing effervescence to any beverage you fancy.

Want to infuse many gallons of a beverage with CO2 instead of one cocktail at a time? The FIZZIQ System is the tool for the job. With FIZZIQ, you can carbonate and bottle hundreds of carbonated cocktails with the push of a few buttons.

Perlini Branded 16 g CO2 Cartridges (6 pack)

Perlage Systems gives you two ways to get the CO2 where it belongs. The commercial versions of our products use a regulator/coiled hose/gun combination that attaches to a standard CO2 tank (supplied by the customer) to deliver compressed carbon dioxide to either the Perlage Champagne preserver, or to the Perlini carbonating shaker.

The home versions of our products use disposable CO2 cartridges that fit into a compact handheld pressurizer to deliver the CO2 where it belongs. The concept and functionality is exactly the same as on the commercial side, but more compact.

No matter which version you choose, we think you'll agree: Life if better with bubbles!

Not all CO2 cartridges are created equal. The stamping and drawing process of the steel casing uses machine...
The Perlage Systems handheld pressurizer can be used with both the Perlage Champagne Preservation System AND the Perlini...
Both our Champagne preservation systems and our cocktail carbonation systems can use either our handheld filler that uses disposable CO2 cartridges,...
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