Used in thousands of cocktail bars and fine restaurants worldwide, and by producers of the finest Champagnes such as Dom Perignon, The Perlage System® is now available to home users. You can now have at home the same preservation technology used in top restaurants and wineries.

How do you choose which Perlage System is right for you?

  • For home use, choose the Perlage System Consumer Version. The home version of the product uses a compact handheld pressurizer and disposable CO2 cartridges to pressurize the bottle.

  • For commercial use, choose one of our commercial systems. These use a heavy-duty regulator and hose connected to a stand-alone CO2 tank (tank not included) instead of disposable cartridges to pressurize the bottle. The pressurization rate is much faster with the commercial system, making it more suitable for heavy commercial use.

  • For industry professionals, like producers, distributers, and their representatives, the Perlage Trade Kit might be the best choice. This is a basic system with one enclosure, one handheld filler, and one six-pack of CO2, packaged in the most compact and lightweight packaging for easy shipping, storage, and distribution. Choose menu item "Industry Professionals."
The Perlage Champagne Preservation System, Home Version, is a revolutionary new technology for preserving opened bottles of Champagne...
If you are a restaurant owner, or run a tasting room, and you want to establish a serious...
If you are a bar or restaurant owner, or run a tasting room, or you are a serious...
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