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May 26, 2024

Name Change for Perlage Systems, Inc.

SEATTLE, June 1, 2024 --Perlage Systems, Inc., changes name to Applied Fizzics, Inc. Seattle-based Perlage Systems, Inc. has announced that...
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Mar 07, 2024

Perlage Systems Launches New Website

Seattle-based Perlage Systems, Inc. announced today that it launched its new web e-commerce site on the Shopify platform. Evan Wallace, President and CEO of Perlage Systems, noted that the site was five years in the making. Integration into backend accounting software is provided by Webgility, a leading provider of ecommerce automation tools.
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Jan 13, 2015

Seattle-Based Company Fells Voss Water in Trademark Suit

Seattle-based Perlage Systems, Inc. announced today that it has beaten back a trademark suit brought by Voss of Norway A.S.A, a bottled-water producer based in Oslo, Norway. At issue in the suit was the cylindrical shape of Perlage Systems’ Perlini Carbonating Cocktail Shaker.
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