Our products use two types of pressurizers to deliver carbon dioxide: A compact, handheld filler that uses disposable cartridges, and a more industrial-strength device with a regulator and hose that connects to a standard CO2 tank (supplied by the customer). These are referred to as, respectively, the "handheld pressurizer" and the "commercial pressurizer." We also sometimes colloquially refer to them as "fillers."

The home versions of our products include the handheld pressurizer, and the commercial versions include the commercial pressurizer. The chief differences between them are:

  • Handheld filler is less expensive upfront to buy; commercial pressurizer is cheaper to operate, since bulk CO2 is cheaper than cartridges;

  • Handheld pressurizer is light and compact; commercial pressurizer is larger and more rugged;

  • Commercial pressurizer fill rate is significantly higher, typically just 2-3 seconds; handheld filler generally takes 6-8 seconds. For home use, this is rarely an issue, but in a high-volume cocktail bar, the extra speed is important.

Many of our customers have both: A commercial filler for their bar or restaurant, and a handheld filler for home. A few of our serious wine enthusiast and mixologist customers have commercial fillers at home. We know who you are...you are the same people who have a 30,000 BTU stainless steel Vulcan stove with a 36" charbroiler in your kitchen. We totally understand!

The Perlage System and the Perlini System were purposefully designed to use the same pressurizer for both products, for both the home and commercial versions. That way, if you have one system, you can acquire the other without re-purchasing the pressurizing hardware. Our design is completely modular.

The Perlage Systems handheld pressurizer can be used with both the Perlage Champagne Preservation System AND the Perlini...
Both our Champagne preservation systems and our cocktail carbonation systems can use either our handheld filler that uses disposable CO2 cartridges,...
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