Private-Label Cocktails Save the Day

FIZZIO Catering came to prominence during the Covid lockdowns of 2020, when restaurants were shut down across the country. In an effort to help support the restaurant industry in the face of this calamity, many states temporarily relaxed their liquor laws, allowing restaurants and bars to sell premixed cocktails or cocktail kits for offsite consumption.

Perlage Systems Inc. jumped in to help. We opened our facilities to allow restauranteurs and bar owners to come onsite to produce private-label bottlings with a dedicated bank of FIZZIQ Carbonated Bottling Systems. For merchants not local to the Seattle area, we shipped machines offsite on a lend/lease basis to facilitate bottlings; and in many cases we sent a team out to do the bottling at the customer's location. In this way, we were able to help many restaurants survive through the lean times.

We've worked extensively with Tanqueray, Drambuie, Cointreau, and many other spirits brands to create private-label bottlings for special events, such as Tales of the Cocktail, the Tanqueray Green Room series in over a dozen cities, Arizona Cocktail Week, the San Antonia Cocktail Classic, and many others. We've done hundreds of bottlings for such esteemed restaurants as Canon, Il Bistro, Frank's Oyster House, Spin, and many, many more.


Above: A sampling of the many events, brands, and restaurants
we've designed bottled cocktails for.

FIZZIO Catering Programs

We have several types of catering programs:

  • On Site: You bring your ingredients to our location, and our staff does the batching and bottling. Cost: $1.00/bottle for up to 100 bottles; $0.75/bottle for up to 500 bottles; and $0.50 for 1000 bottles and above.
  • Lease: We ship the machine to your location. Cost: $500/week.
  • Off-Site Full Service: We come to your location and perform the bottling. This is typically what we offer for cocktail events such as Tales of the Cocktail, or private banquets. Price: Negotiated; typically includes airfare and a per diem.

We can also help you with label design and production. Our in-house team will work with you to design vibrant, durable, waterproof labels on a time and materials basis, with finished labels typically costing $0.50 each for up to 100, and $0.35 each for 100 or more.

Contact us today to see how we can help you with your catering needs.