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Both our Champagne preservation systems and our cocktail carbonation systems can use either our handheld filler that uses disposable CO2 cartridges, or our Commercial Pressurizer that attaches to a standard CO2 tank. Both the handheld and commercial pressurizers use the same pressure for both Perlage and Perlini, making for excellent interoperability between the two products.

The Commercial Pressurizer has the following benefits:

  • Higher flow rates allow shorter fill times--typically just 2-3 seconds, which is especially valuable in a busy bar environment;
  • Much cheaper to operate than cartridge-based handheld filler;
  • Rugged construction stands up to the most punishing use in high-production bars and restaurants;
  • Coiled filler hose allows flexibility of use and storage in a bar setting;
  • Regulator pressure is preset to the exact pressure required to maintain the original carbonation level in champagne, and provide vigorous carbonation in cocktails;
  • Regulator pressure adjustment is tamper-proof to prevent inadvertent changes in pressure setting;
  • Medical grade chrome regulator is sturdy, stain resistant, and easy to clean;
  • Chrome gun is impact-resistant and extremely durable;
  • Entire system is food grade and certified for restaurant use.

The commercial pressurizer can connect to either a stand-alone CO2 tank, or splice into the CO2 supply of a bag-in-box soda dispensing system. With the splice-in method, you can even further reduce the expense of CO2 tank refills. Purchase the Splice-in Adaptor Kit if you are planning to connect this assembly into an existing soda gun system (see Related Products below).

The Commercial Pressurizer can be spliced into many existing soda systems--Contact us for details. It can also be used with a SodaSteam cylinder for bartenders on the go.