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In-Stock Brands

The Perlage Universal Enclosure can be purchased custom-logoed with your brand. We have dozens of brands in stock; check the dropdown menu above to see if yours is available. Logos are printed permanently on the shell in a beautiful, durable, simulated etch, guaranteed to hold up to heavy use.

Please note: The cost shown on this page is for the logo only--you still need to purchase an enclosure for each logo. For example, if you wanted one branded Perlage Enclosure, first you would put one enclosure in your cart for $99.95. Then you would order the logo you wanted from this page for $4.95.

As another example, Let's say you wanted three Perlage Trade Kits, each with a different brand on the enclosure. Order your three Trade Kits and put them in your shopping cart. Then come back to this page and order the three brands you want for these kits. We will pack three Perlage Trade Kits, each with one of the brands you specified in your order.

New Brands Not in Stock

If you have never ordered a branded enclosure from us before and do not see your brand on the dropdown list, contact us and we will walk you through the process of creating a new brand. Contact us at, and we can help you with the process.

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