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If you are a bar or restaurant owner, or run a tasting room, or you are a serious wine enthusiast who just wants to use what the professionals use, this is the system for you. 

This version of The Perlage Commercial System includes:

  • One bottle enclosure
  • One commercial pressurizer
  • Spare valve

The Starter Kit provides a cost-effective way to get the exact same technology that the world's finest and busiest bars are using.

The Commercial Pressurizer is typically attached to a stand-alone CO2 tank supplied by the customer. Common CO2 tank sizes are 5lb or 10lb, which are small enough to fit easily behind the bar, and will last many months under typical use. 

The Commercial Pressurizer may also be spliced into an existing CO2 source in a bar, typically to the high-pressure hose to the carbonator unit of a bag-in-box soda gun system. When purchasing this item please note, if you intend to splice it into the soda gun you must also purchase the Splice-in Adaptor Kit, SKU 400210.

NOTE: If more enclosures are desired, you can purchase them individually (see SKU 100100, in Related Products below).

Need an extra Enclosure for another Champagne by the glass?