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The Perlage System bottle enclosure fits 99% of known Champagnes and sparkling wines. The assembly consists of a clear Lexan shell, a cap assembly with one-way valve, a self-centering base, and a flippable booster. The booster fits in the base either concave-up or concave-down to accommodate different bottle sizes. Concave-up accommodates standard-sized and taller bottles (like Krug); Concave-down boosts up shorter bottles (like Veuve Clicquot Grand Dame) so they engage the valve properly. 

NOTE: This item is the Perlage Enclosure ONLY. In order to function as intended, the Perlage Enclosure requires either our Handheld Pressurizer or our Commercial Pressurizer to properly pressurize the headspace of the bottle. See Related Products below.

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The Perlage Enclosure requires a Pressurizer to function properly. Spare parts for the Perlage Universal Enclosure can also be purchased separately (see below).