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There are other devices on the market that carbonate liquids, but the Perlini Carbonating Cocktail Shaker is the only such device designed specifically with cocktails in mind. The Perlini shaker was designed from the ground up in collaboration with some of the world's greatest bartenders, with the goal of producing a product that was easy to use, familiar in look and feel, and consistent with the established traditions and practices of the craft of bartending. In other words, Perlini had to "fit in" to be useful.

The result was a product that is simultaneously both completely familiar and utterly revolutionary. Perlini has the same heft and volume as a Boston shaker, and works roughly the same way. As a bartender, even if you haven't used Perlini before, it will instantly feel familiar in your hands. You build the cocktail over ice, just like you would with a Boston shaker. You put the top on, just like you would with a Boston shaker. The only extra step is pressurizing the shaker with the CO2 before you shake. Shaking the cocktail then chills and dilutes the drink just as with a regular shaken cocktail, but--more importantly--the agitation dissolves the pressurized CO2 into solution in a matter of seconds, producing an intense and vigorous effervescence.


  • Body of shaker is constructed of crystal-clear, durable Tritan copolymer, with high resistance to crazing and scratching;
  • Shaker is food safe and BPA free;
  • Shaker separates into two halves in middle to allow easy addition of ice and easy cleanup;
  • Built-in strainer in neck holds back ice while pouring;
  • Rubberized, overmolded cap and footer allow a firm, comfortable, no-slip grip.

If you want to add bubbles to your cocktails (or anything else you want to carbonate), this is the device for you. You are limited only by your imagination.

NOTE: The Perlini Cocktail Shaker requires a handheld pressurizer or a commercial pressurizer to carbonate liquids. This SKU is the cocktail shaker only.

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