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In a busy commercial environment, the commercial version of the Perlini Cocktail Carbonation System is the way to go. The pressurization rate of the commercial filler is much faster than the handheld pressurizer, which makes a huge difference when seconds count in a busy cocktail bar. If you want to test the waters with the professional version of the Perlini System, this kit with one Perlini shaker and one Commercial Pressurizer is an economical way to start.

Kit contains:

  • One Perlini Cocktail Shaker
  • One Commercial Pressurizer
  • Spare mid-body gasket and valve. 

The commercial pressurizer can either be attached to a stand-alone CO2 tank, or spliced into the high-pressure gas line of a bag-in-box soda gun system. If you intend to splice the pressurizer into your soda gun system, be sure to also order our Splice-in Adaptor Kit (SKU 400210).

The Commercial Pressurizer can be spliced into many common soda systems--contact us for details. It can also be used with a SodaStream cylinder for bartenders on the go.