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Everything is better with bubbles! The Perlini Mixology Kit is the same technology used in thousands of cocktail bars and restaurants around the world, but packaged for the home mixologist. No home bar is complete without the Perlini Cocktail Shaker--and it also works for any beverage you choose, alcoholic or non-alcoholic. You can even carbonate whole grapes or other fruits to make unique carbonated garnishes that bubble in your drinks! With Perlini, you are limited only by your imagination.

  • Easily carbonate any cocktail or beverage. You are not limited to proprietary flavor pouches; you can carbonate literally anything!
  • Quickly create high carbonation levels, comparable to the carbonation found in highly sparkling Champagnes.
  • Large mid-body twist-break creates large opening to allow for easy introduction of ice and ease of cleaning.
  • Built-in strainer holds back ice while pouring.
  • Vented threads in cap allow for controlled depressurization to minimize foaming.

The Perlini Mixology Kit includes:

  • Perlini cocktail shaker
  • Handheld pressurizer
  • One 6-pack 16 gm CO2 cartridges
  • Adaptor to accommodate smaller 8 gm CO2 cartridges
  • Extra gasket and extra valve
  • Instruction manual with delicious recipes on a handy USB drive

This is the ultimate gift for the amateur or professional bartender on your list!

You can always use more CO2...